So how is this story different?

Why should you take the time out of your day to read this, to follow me as I wander around the West and eventually the world?  Because I’m in the business of listening, relaying stories, relaying experiences, and showing all of us that we have something in common, that behind the guise of different cultures, different languages, different everything, that all we want is a life full of more happiness than sorrow.    We want to forage connections. We want to be heard. I want my story to be a beautiful mural of the people I meet.  The lessons I learn. The things I wish I had known.

Growing up in the wild mountains of the Pacific Northwest with parents who view travel as the greatest teacher, it's not hard to imagine I was predisposed for a life of adventure.  When I was 16 I attended a boarding school for elite athletes, at 18 I took a gap year in Europe, and since then I have made travel the love of my life. 

So if I can say one thing about what you will take away from following me it’s this: we all have a story, we all have a mountain we want to conquer, and we all want to learn from each other.