Hello, World! This is my Google Map of Alaska, the Yukon, and BC. This map is not comprehensive but it does contain links, thoughts, and tips. I want to put a disclaimer that anything I write is my opinion based on my experiences. I have not been paid to promote anything on this site, and I hope you fall in love with the places I've listed as much as me. See you out there.


Pre-Planning Alaska

Alaska is large. To say the least. To try and bite off the whole state with a day-by-day schedule would be impossible. Luckily, there are only a few major highways- the rest of Alaska is only accessible via plane or ferry.

There are two(ish) ways to get to Alaska


  • https://www.dot.state.ak.us/amhs/

  • Which leaves from Bellingham, WA - it takes about 3 days to reach Alaska. When I first headed north I took the ferry, while it is expensive it keeps the miles off the car and it’s a mini cruise (I say that with skepticism). The ferry is full of hilarious characters. Salty Alaskans headed home, backpackers off to find themselves, families from Germany, and the typical American adventure seekers in their 60s. It’s a bit of a motley crew but since you’re all on the ferry for three days, and it’s not that large it ends up being a big family.

    • Ferry Tips: Bring food/snacks. Depending on which ferry you are on food quality greatly varies. By the end I would have given anything for a salad without ranch dressing or mashed potatoes.

    • Bring your own drinks. There are some on board but they’re very expensive. I’m not sure if it’s frowned upon (so don’t @ me) but I brought a bag of wine and a thermos and didn’t have any problems.

    • Bring binoculars. Luckily I threw some in at the last minute. You’re going to go through some amazing scenery where whales and sea birds are plentiful. You’ll want to have them while everyone else is scrapping with their iphone zoom.

The Cassiar & Alaskan-Canadian (Alcan) Highways

  • These two highways run north through British Colombia, coming together before Whitehorse, YT. The Alcan is generally considered to be the faster of the two highways, and if you’re keen to get up to AK fast this is the highway for you. If you have a bit more time the Cassiar is generally considered the prettier option. It is a bit of an offshoot but there is an abundance of wildlife, mountains, and glaciers to explore along the way.

The Cassiar Highway (HWY37)

The Cassiar Highway (HWY37)

The Alaskan- Canadian Highway (HWY97)

The Alaskan- Canadian Highway (HWY97)

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