“Some music just needs air- roll down your window.”  - Elizabethtown

Every great trip needs a great playlist. A mixture of the hits, song that inspire, that make us rock out, that make us cry, that take us back to a perfect moment. I have always been a huge fan of playlists for occasions, road trips, parties, parting gifts. As I started thinking about this trip and what kind of music I would need I knew I would need a playlist as epic of the journey.

Fast forward to “Some Music Needs Air- A Vanlife Playlist” I began creating this playlist a year ago and I have not listened to it once.  I’ve been adding songs as they come to me through friends, commercials, Pandora but never once have I gone through the playlist.  It’s a little vault of music that I can’t wait to open.

My plan is that once I get in my car in front of my parents house, after I put the key in the ignition, the sun is out, my parents are sending me off - I hit shuffle for the very first time. The music comes on, I have no idea what song it will be, but it will be perfect and I’ll begin.

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