Reach Out

Support comes in all shapes in sizes.  Sometimes it's a look on the street when you've had a bad day, or someone simply saying a kind word at the check out. Sometimes it comes in more directly forms, by reaching out to a stranger you don't know and supporting them. 

If you have any questions or feedback please email me.  If you have any advice for the places I'm traveling email me. If you would like to share a cup of coffee in your hometown and just share the magic of wherever you live, please email me.  I am a traveller that is here to meet people and to share stories, over campfires and paved parking lots. 

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Support the ride

Sometimes help comes in a more monetary form and when you are living on the road, all the help you can get matters.  I know in a world that is oversaturated with causes and people who need help it can be difficult donating a few bucks to a stranger. Know that whatever you are able to give will come back and it will mean the world to my journey.